Integrity, Engagement & Execution

Integrity, Engagement & Execution begin to define the value equation that partnering with Trident will provide.  

From a combined 53 years of in-depth industry experiences, Michael Poindexter & Mike Hendren are leveraging their vast level of knowledge in all areas of dealership operations-Forming Trident Financial Services. From our experiences within dealerships and big box F&I companies, we’ve tailored a menu of options for the dealer to choose from including, multiple product offerings, performance tracking software, investment strategies, & in-store coaching and support.

With the primary focus being on the dealer’s agenda, Trident Financial Services will build a custom program based on the dealer’s specific goals, current/future opportunities, and current circumstances. Partnered with industry leading product providers, tracking systems, investment managers, and consultants; Trident will construct and develop a program for your operations.  The result: Your tailored program, paired with our knowledge of store level operations and experience with change management, the hands-on installation and launch will create monitored activity and production that will be maximized in a very short period of time.  

If you feel like you should be getting more from your current provider(s), please contact us for an initial conversation and discussion regarding a comprehensive business analysis that will reveal the impact of partnering with Trident Financial Services.

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